In the peak period of four months from October 2009 to the February 2010 date of the governorship election, the Secretariat will be a busy hub of activities hosting the meetings of participating civil society organizations, political enlightenment seminars, press briefings and training workshops for election monitors in 4,611 polling stations in the State.

It will establish effective communications with stakeholders and influential organizations in the State, the nation and the international community.

To this end the office must be professionally manned and well-equipped with computers, printers, scanners, photo- copiers, standby electric power, cell phones, duty cars, buses, and motorcycles.

Suitable office space and high-powered staff will have to be brought on board.

The largest single item of expenditure will be the one month training workshop for about 14,000 polling booth operatives (three for each polling station) who have to be suitably remunerated.


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