The Publicity and Media Relations Sub-Committee

Chairman: Mr Victor Agusiobo

This sub-committee takes charge of media publicity in accordance with the guidelines set out in #1.4 of the general terms of reference.

Public perception of the entire initiative will depend on the success or failure of media relations to focus attention on the unfolding events and to rouse a positive public response to the efforts of civil society to take moral control.

The media will have to be kept under close scrutiny and briefed all the time.

Articles in newspapers and weeklies, advertorials, press briefings, radio jingles, talk shows, television discussions, public posters and bill boards will have to be used to keep the Anambra election under continuous sensitization.

Top media practitioners will be brought on board to ensure that this pioneer project does not fail.

Getting the message right, riveting public attention on the democratic and moral dimensions of the initiative and dominating the information space to maximize public awareness will be an expensive


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