The Programs and Documentations Sub-Committee

Chairman: Professor Ben Obumselu

All sub-committee chairmen will meet from time to time to harmonize programs and reconcile means with ends. This coordinating sub-committee will be consulted before any scheduled activity is set in motion.

With regard to documentation, the sub-committee will ensure that the Free and Fair Elections Initiative has all the data it needs to do the difficult job it has undertaken. A brief providing verified information about how the 2003 and 2007 governorship elections in Anambra State were falsified would be most instructive.

A paper reviewing the instructions issued to polling agents in 2003 and 2007 would also be useful. Lawyers can provide memoranda explaining for the guidance of monitors the attitude of Election Tribunals to various levels of electoral malfeasance.

Documentary films may also be made to ensure that election debate panelists and the electorate fully under stand the situation in the State regarding the lack of job opportunities, the need for scientific and technological edu- cation, the defects in public health services, the appalling condition of urban sanitation, the insecurity of citizens, etc.

Commissioned briefs on these and other matters will be collated and professionally edited for use by sub-committees and in the media.


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