The Institutional Duties and Code of Conduct Sub-Committee

Chairman: Professor Elo Amucheazi

Every civil society organization should play a part in defending the integrity of electoral processes.

No organization can afford to stand aside. Those who falsify election results are criminals and public enemies. They should be exposed and punished.

The role of the Institutional Duties and Code of Conduct Sub-Committee is to explore the options available for imposing community sanctions on election riggers. Royal Fathers and Town Unions have the duty of publishing a citizens’ code of conduct the breach of which will attract sanctions.

The Churches can insist that members of their congregations must be law abiding in the matter of elections. Youth organizations and women’s unions have different ways of showing their displeasure. Traders associations can insist that their members should use their votes to promote community and commerce-friendly policies.

Politics in the State will be lawful if our civil society organizations demand a higher code of political behavior from their members.

The Institutional Duties Sub-Committee will mobilize our organizations to do whatever they can to restore politics in the State to good health.


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