The Finance Sub-Committee

Chairman: Chief Chris Eze

The members of this sub-committee, specially chosen for their eminent standing in society and undoubted integrity, have the instruction to open two bank accounts in the name of the Anambra State Free and Fair Elections Committee.

Democracy institutions, donor agencies both local and global, the business community and private individuals are implored to be a part of the project for salvaging Nigerian democracy by contributing generously to the funding of election monitoring in Anambra State.

All monies received will be protected by the Finance Sub-committee which will allocate funds on a line by line basis for specific tasks.

For further information about donations please contact any of the following persons:

Chief Chris Eze 0805 611 7469

Engineer Sir Chris Okoye 0803 331 4448

Hon Justice Godwin Ononiba 0803 473 273


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