The Election Debates Sub-Committee

Chairman: Professor Ben Osisioma

This sub-committee will arrange four debates between the governorship candidates.

Contestants will come face to face in these debates with panels of experts who will question them about economic and social options for the development of the State.

The burning issues at this point in time are:

1. How unity of purpose can be established in our business community and among the ranks of our political leaders;

2. the reconstruction of the economy of the State to provide new jobs and halt the mass emigration of our population to Lagos, the North, the United States, and South Africa;

3. Educational reform for the 21st century industrialization;

4. and the breakdown of public security.

Governorship candidates will submit their manifestoes to the sub-committee before the debates during which they will have to show that they are well prepared to do the job for which they are applying.

Victors will not be declared at the end of debates. But follow-up questions asked by panelists and the reactions of a life audience of spectators will be fully indicative.


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