The Committee is mandated –

1.1 to take every reasonable action to make the February 6, 2010 governorship election in Anambra State comply with the law and with international democratic standards.

1.2 to keep the electoral space in the State open to all candidates on the basis of fairness and equality regardless of the political party to which they belong.

1.3 to issue leaflets, commission feature articles and advertorials in newspapers, broadcast public enlighten- ment programs on radio and television, and put up posters and bill boards with the object of publicizing the political advantages and the rationale of democratic elections.

1.4 to foster a style of election campaigning which is issue-based, free from acrimony and violence, and sharply focused on alternative strategies for the development of the State; and to encourage the electorate to give its mandate free of charge to the best candidate in the field.

1.5 to monitor closely the actions of all official agencies to ensure that they comply strictly with the 2006 Electoral Law and the Federal Constitution before, during and after polling day; and to mount a legal challenge against any and every infraction of the law.

1.6 to establish implementation teams in every ward in the State to monitor/observe and report on the conduct of elections in all polling stations and collation centers.

1.7 to establish contact and liaison with the democratic community in Nigeria and the outside world with the object of focusing attention on procedural rectitude during the Anambra governorship election.

1.8 to encourage Anambra citizens to take possession of the initiative to reform the electoral process and to demonstrate their ownership rights before, during and after the polls.

1.9 to participate in prayer and worship programs appeal- ing for divine healing and protection of the State.

1.10 and to raise funds for the realization of the above objectives.


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